Suporting the transition to INDUSTRY 4.0

Systems for the management and planning of manufacturing processes in industrial environments have been on the market for many years. These systems are expensive and are often used by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) only in isolated processes.

Our network is designed to develop industrial application solutions and basic technologies for networking, monitoring, data transport, automatic data analysis, virtualization and process planning. Corresponding interfaces (sensors, actuators, data transmission, data processing and process interfacing) should enable the use or the transition of the solutions into Industry 4.0.

Smart Production focuses on:

• Planning, control and monitoring of digitally networked industrial processes
• Solutions for variable processes to support customer-specific product and service variants
• Analysis and optimization through data mining and predictive maintenance for industrial solutions with drive systems
• Virtual development methods for mechanical engineering
• Use of a digital twin in real processes
• Autonomous transport system and position monitoring
• Consumption management for electricity and water
• Control of motors
• Secure data transmission with / without radio for IoT and industrial environments

Cleopa GmbH
Neuendorfstr. 18b
Hennigsdorf, 16761
Phone: +49 3302 / 2069295
Fax: +49 3302 / 2069299

Geschäftsführer: Detlef Olschewski
Amtsgericht Neuruppin HRB 9219
Ust-Ident-Nummer DE 196571782


Das Projekt wird vom Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie gefördert.